St Andrews Tee Times

St Andrews tee times are relatively easy to obtain as there are now 7 courses managed by the St Andrews Links Trust. The exception is unsurprisingly the Old Course where demand greatly outstrips availability.

How can I get a tee time on St Andrews Old Course

It is not as difficult as many think to secure St Andrews Old Course tee times

There are  options

  1. Advance Reservations
  2. St Andrews Old Course Ballot
  3. Single Golfer

Advanced Reservations - How do I apply for an Advance Reservation 

You may apply for an advanced reservation St Andrews Old Course tee time by completing the application form, which you then email to [email protected] for play the following year. The online form becomes available normally the last week in August and is available for three weeks. The results of the applications are emailed to applicants by the end of October and if successful full payment for the golf (Old Course + 1 other St Andrews course) must be made by the end of November. This is the best way to start if you are looking for St Andrews Tee Times

There is a further opportunity to make an application after 1400hrs on 8th January when any cancelled tee times become available. These are the tee times that were allocated in the initial phase but not taken up by successful applicants

Here is a link to Advance Reservation Information

What is the St Andrews Old Course Ballot 

After the Advanced Reservations have been allocated, almost 50% of the remaining Tee Times are allocated to the Daily Ballot This allows golfers who were unable to secure Old Course tee times through advanced reservations, a chance to play St Andrews Old Course. The Ballot draw takes place 48 hours in advance of the date of play and applicants must provide their names, home club and handicap details, either by telephone, at the starters box or at one of the Clubhouses prior to 2pm

Meridian Golf Tours will assist golfing clients with entries into the St Andrews Old Course Ballot and obtaining other St Andrews Tee Times if required

How do I enter the Old Course Ballot 

• There must be at least 2 players, single players cannot enter
• Names, home club and handicaps are required
• Maximum handicaps are 24 for men and 36 for women to enter the Old Course Ballot

How to enter the Old Course Ballot

1. In person at the Starters Box
2. One of the Clubhouses
3. By telephoning +44 (0)1334 466666

  • All 3 options must be completed prior to 1400hrs 2 days before date of play
  • No Friday Ballot as the Old Course is closed on a Sunday
  • Golfers who are successful must present a current official handicap card, record or certificate to the starter prior to play and a letter of introduction from a club professional is not acceptable

*** Meridian Golf Tours will take care of the Old Course Ballot process for all of their clients ***

Can a Single Golfer get an Old Course tee time 

Single golfers probably have the best chance of obtaining St Andrews Old Course tee times as they can be paired up with either two balls or three balls

What should a single golfer do to get an Old Course tee time 

Single golfers should visit the Pavilion adjacent to the 1st tee on the Old Course St Andrews on the day they wish to play and the Starter will endeavor to slot them in with groups which are less than a four ball, playing that day. During the busy season you may have to queue outside the Pavilion for several hours before it even opens to have a chance of obtaining a St Andrews Old Course tee time. However, in quieter periods you will not have to go so early

Guaranteed Premium Old Course Tee Times

Meridian Golf Tours has a partnership with the Old Course Experience to provide guaranteed Old Course tee times.

Best time of year to try

The quieter months are late May, June and July which normally results in the greatest chance of success
The second half of September is the worst time to try and secure an Old Course tee time. This is due to the R & A holding their Autumn Meeting